Members – £12 (£11 for additional children from the same family)
Non-members – £20 (£19 for additional children from the same family)

There will be no availability to Pay on the Day. Children arriving on the day without payment may be turned away.

Pay before the 1st July and get £2 per child per day off!
Book all 8 days and only pay for 7!

For ages 8 – 13.

Places are limited to 20 children per day.

Please inform us if your child will not be able to attend, so that their place can be filled by someone on the waiting list.

Please make all cheques payable to The Welsh Mountain Zoo and return all forms and payments to:Education Officer, Welsh Mountain Zoo, Old Highway, Colwyn Bay, Conwy, LL28 5UY
Confirmation of booking will be given by e-mail upon receipt of full payment.
Please bring your child to, and collect them from the overflow car park which is located outside the zoo, past the entrance and offices, on the left hand side of the road below the Leonard Cheshire Home. The day will take place within the Zoo and be based in the WILD Centre. Days run 10am-4pm.
As well as fun-packed led activities, there will also be theopportunity to do crafts, explore the gift shop and go wild on our adventure playground.

Tuesday 1st August – Urban Habitat
An introduction to the Zoo and the chance to explore what opportunities the Urban environment offers to Wildlife at home and around the world.

Thursday 3rd August – Rainforest Habitat
Rainforests are the most diverse land habitat, but they are also important for many other reasons. Today we’ll find out more about these reasons, as well as test the intelligence of our Chimps.

Tuesday 8th August – Marine Habitat
Today we’ll discover the variety of life in the Oceans and have the chance to see how well adapted to this environment our Sea Lions are.

Thursday 10th August – Freshwater Habitat
Water is necessary for all life, but today we’ll be learning about the animals that live in this environment all the time, including a closer look at our own Pond inhabitants.

Tuesday 15th August – Grassland Habitat
Grasslands support a range of species around the world and today we’ll be looking at the adaptations of birds to survive in this environment.

Thursday 17th August – Woodland Habitat
Woodlands are widespread in the Northern Hemisphere, so today we’ll learn more about the animals that make this environment their home, including our once native Brown Bears.

Tuesday 22nd August – Mountain Habitat
We have plenty of Mountains in Wales, but most around the world are much higher! Today we’ll learn about how these animals are adapted for this environment and have the chance to see this in action with our Condors.

Thursday 24th August – Desert Habitat
Deserts are one of the harshest environments to live in, so today we’ll look at the adaptations of two of our Desert dwelling animals, the Camels and the Meerkats.