Why Adopt?

Have you ever wondered how much food is eaten each year by our Chimpanzee Family and how much money is spent keeping them warm and comfortable? Here’s the answer! 32,850 bananas | 2,190 pints of milk | 14,600 oranges  | 10,950 carrots | 9,123 boiled potatoes | 17,520 apples | 1,095 loaves (brown bread) | 6,570 lettuce and there’s even more!! To add variety to their diet, the chimps receive a range of edibles from passion fruit to papaya, from peanut butter to pickles, from Horlicks to Hot Chocolate! The average cost of their food comes to over £15,000. The Zoo also spends £3,500 on heating and £2,000 on bedding to keep the chimps snug and warm! On the other hand, Peter the Python eats a meal less than once a week but, for him and all the other residents of the Reptile House, their environment must be kept at an average temperature of 80ºF, so the annual heating bill quickly absorbs any saving in food. Running a Zoo is an expensive business and the size of the animal does not reflect the cost of its upkeep.

 How the Scheme Works

The scheme is open to everyone – individuals, families, schools/clubs, societies, businesses and companies. All adoptions are run for twelve months and can be taken out at any time and a renewal reminder will be sent to you. The adoption fees are based on the relative cost of feeding and housing a particular animal for one year. You can adopt an animal completely, by paying the full adoption fee, or share the adoption with others. All animals can be part adopted by purchasing one or more units at £40. Prices of full animal adoption vary and reflect the living costs of that individual animal. All the animals at the Welsh Mountain Zoo are up for Adoption and they all need ‘ Zoo Parents ‘.

 What you get by Adopting

  • A Welcome Letter
  • An Adoption Certificate.
  • A Picture of the Animal
  • 2 Complimentary Entrance Tickets.
  • Your name on a special plaque on the animal’s enclosure.
  • A chance to have a chat with a keeper about your Adopted Animal providing this is arranged in advance with the Adoption Secretary.
  • The knowledge that you are playing an active role in the support of wildlife and its conservation.
  • In addition to all this you gain a new member of the family and make a new friend!

Don’t forget that an Animal Adoption makes an original and unusual present for Christmas, Birthdays, Easter and other special occasions. For an application form, and a list of animals to Adopt write or telephone: The Adoption Secretary, National Zoological Society of Wales, Welsh Mountain Zoo, Colwyn Bay, N Wales, LL28 5UY. Tel: 01492 532 938 or email jamie@welshmountainzoo.org


 You can buy adoption shares via our online ordering process. Simply browse our Animals section, and if an animal is available for adoption you will see the “Adopt this Animal” button under the animals details. Click on it and pay securely via Paypal.