This experience is intended to provide visitors to the Welsh Mountain Zoo (by advance booking only) with a special opportunity to feed and learn about certain animals. We believe this will enhance your enjoyment, appreciation and understanding of the animals. The fees charged will be used to further the Zoo’s charitable conservation and education objectives.

Encounter Details

The Encounter is available to anyone over the age of 7 and is for one or two people at a time, but never more than two. Participants in the scheme will appreciate that we must ensure at all times that strict health and safety and animal welfare rules are followed. You must always:

  • follow the instructions of the keeper.
  • only use food provided by the keeper.
  • wear the protective disposable gloves provided (please indicate if you have a rubber allergy) and use the anti-bacterial hand gel at the end of the session.

The scheme offers the opportunity to meet and feed certain animals listed below. A trained keeper is always in attendance to supervise the session and is available to answer questions about your chosen animal.

The Animals

The animals you can meet and feed are:

  • Meerkat
  • Humboldt penguin
  • Californian sea lion *
  • Primates *
  • Snow Leopards*

* Please note. At all times during the “Encounter” there will be a protective safety barrier between you and the animals indicated*


The cost of participation is: £75.00 for one person, for a session lasting 20 minutes. £100.00 for two people, for a session lasting 20 minutes. Please note that the charges above include admission to the Zoo for the participant[s] and a guest (adult or child) for an unlimited period during the day. Any additional accompanying people will have to pay the normal admission charge to the Zoo. Full ZSWA members (who already have unlimited free admission to the Zoo): £65.00 for one person for a session lasting 20 minutes. £90.00 for two people for a session lasting 20 minutes.



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