Big Cats

Big Cats

Our breath-taking big cats certainly command plenty of attention. Underneath their soft, furry coats hides one of the planets most ferocious animal groups.

Top of the food chain, big cats own a set of razor-sharp teeth, and with super strong claws are considered one of the most dangerous meat-eating predators on earth.

We’re lucky enough to house two Sumatran Tigers, one Snow Leopard and three Margay here at the Welsh Mountain Zoo. With our Snow Leopards classed as vulnerable, we’re proud to have had success breeding both the Snow Leopards and the Margay over the past few years!

Our big cat’s roam and prowl their enclosures, designed carefully to replicate the varied landscapes of Asia, South America and the Himalayas, allowing you to experience and visualise these magnificent creatures in their natural environments.

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