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Eurasian Brown Bear

Ursus arctos

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  • Extinct in the Wild
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The Eurasian Brown Bear could once be found throughout Europe and Asia but with diminishing numbers, is now limited to Northern Europe and Russia. Males can weigh an average of 300 kgs, while females are typically half that in size, at around 130 kgs to 220 kgs.

Native Range →

Europe and Asia

Natural Habitat  →

Mountain woodland

Diet  →

Omnivorous: grass, berries, fungi, insects, nuts, fruit and fish

Life Expectancy  →

In the wild: 25-30 years. In a zoo: Up to 40 years

Breeding  →

Gestation period: 6-8 months. 1-4 cubs

Group Name  →

Sloth / Sleuth

Active Hours  →

During the day

Threats  →

Loss of habitat, hunting

Fun fact

Eurasian Brown Bears are omnivores, which means they eat just about anything. Their diets consist of meat, fish, berries, honey, nuts, eggs and plants.

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