Many wild plants and animals are coming under increasing pressure for survival. Worldwide, Zoos and Botanical Gardens are working co-operatively to help conserve the enormous diversity of species on our planet.

The best way to save animals is in their own environment, however, in many cases this is not possible, and it makes sense to establish a reserve population far away from the dangers of the wild.

The National Zoological Society of Wales, Welsh Mountain is committed to conserving the natural world and to educating and inspiring our visitors to do the same. The Zoo recognises and supports the BIAZA supported definition of conservation;

Conservation is an action leading to healthy and resilient wildlife populations and natural ecosystems. These outcomes underpin the sustainability of the global environment and human societies and are achieved through direct interventions to manage populations, habitats and landscapes; promoting behaviour change at all levels of society through engagement and advocacy; and research and knowledge sharing to build conservation capacity.

The Welsh Mountain Zoo will work within this definition of conservation through participation in the population management of threatened species, conservation research, conservation education and capacity building, managing habitats, promoting public awareness, behaviour change and engagement in sustainability issues.

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This policy is supported by the Zoos Sustainability and Environmental Policy, Conservation Education Policy and Research Policy.

The devastating effect of man’s activities on natural habitats and wild animals has threatened the survival of many species. Zoos now play an important part in the maintenance of the earth’s biological diversity through breeding programmes along with raising awareness and funding for field programmes in the wild.

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