Welsh Mountain Zoo | Commemorative Bench Seats

Commemorative Bench Seats

Remember that special person or special occasion!

A commemorative bench seat at the Welsh Mountain Zoo is a wonderful way to remember that special person or occasion.

The seat can be positioned in a favourite spot in the Zoo (following consultation and agreement) or will be placed where needed.

We currently offer 1 style of bench at £199

This recycled plastic model will give a minimum of 20 years service. The price includes an inscribed plaque with wording chosen by you.

The inscribed plaque is 8x3 inches in size. Inscriptions can be made in small capitals, large capitals and numbers (numbers will be classed as large capitals).

Plaques will be inscribed using the exact wording on the bench seat form, therefore we can not accept any responsibility for misprints.

Commemorative bench seat forms can be downloaded here

Completed forms to be returned to: marketing@welshmountainzoo.org

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