Welsh Mountain Zoo | Your Zoo and Gardens Month 2019


Your Zoo and Gardens Month 2019

Spring is here and with it it's majestic and stunning flowers!

Come visit us this June, and take part in the special event we're putting on, Your Zoo & Gardens month!

With its wonderful history, the gardens at the Welsh Mountain Zoo have captivated many a visitors over the years. This year, we've decided to dedicate a whole month to them and for the first time ever, have put on an event dedicated at the Fauna found here at the National Zoological Society of Wales.

For a limited time only, take a tour of our gardens, led by on our our experienced Gardeners as they show you the fruits of their labour.
There are only 8 tours available, and they are limited to groups of 10 per tour. The 1h tour is suitable for everyone, the 2h tour due to the site terrain is unfortunately unsuitable for those with mobility constraints.

The cost of the tours is £8 for the 1h tour and £10 for the 2h tour. Everyone will get a FREE gift at the end of each tour (RRP £7). These slots need to be booked via our telephone on 01492 532 938 ext.3 or by emailing marketing@welshmountainzoo.org

There will be plenty of photo opportunities and to ask all the questions you have always wanted to ask! So come along!

*Please note that normal admission price still applies.

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