Welsh Mountain Zoo | CHRISTMAS DAY TREATS!



Christmas dinner went down a storm this year for our animals here at the Welsh Mountain Zoo!

Not to be left out of the Christmas festivities, many our animals, including our Red Panda, Nuri and the Meerkats, enjoyed some seasonal fun with some special super tasty presents.

Amongst the goodies delivered were a stocking filled with bamboo and leafy greens, Nuri's favourite food, whilst the Meerkats enjoyed present boxes stuffed with meal worms and quail eggs –also their favourite treats!

The gifts were each designed to cater for the different diets of each animal group and all were quickly torn upon to get to the tasty treats inside.

Charlotte Dykes, Marketing Manager at the Welsh Mountain Zoo, said: “We didn’t want to leave our animals out of the fun and foods of Christmas and so decided to design them some very bespoke presents. It was great to be able to bring our own style of festivities to the zoo and see our animals taking part in some Christmas cheer."

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