Welsh Mountain Zoo | FESTIVE FUN



Our animals have indulged this Christmas, enjoying their favourite snacks and lots of festive treats!

Our family of Goeldi’s Monkeys could be seen munching on waxworms from Christmas pudding themed enrichment balls.

Sumbe, the male snow leopard discovered a lost bag of Santa’s mail on his way to the north pole, filled with his favourite treats!

Our mischievous mob of Meerkats enjoyed a bag full of Christmas Eve treats stuffed with a sumptuous snack of mealworms!

Flick and Harry, our Asian Small-Clawed Otters enjoyed a winter treat-filled enrichment playtime.

And our Giant African Land Snails enjoyed munching on Christmas Tree shaped sweet potato!

All of the animals enjoyed their own special taste of Christmas to help join in the festivities.

Charlotte Dykes of the Welsh Mountain Zoo commented: “Of course Christmas is a very special time of year for everyone, and we wanted to make sure our animals enjoyed some festive fun especially just for them!!

“Christmas day is the only day that the Zoo closes and we’re already back to normal opening hours with full tummies and plenty of Christmas cheer!”

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