Welsh Mountain Zoo | INTRODUCING CALI



We have welcomed our first California Sea Lion pup in 18 years, an adorable female, named Cali!

This is the first pup for Mum, Sofia, (with Dad, Casper), who has taken wonderfully to motherhood, nurturing and caring for her young pup. new-born.

Our Zoo has been home to California Sea Lions for some 45 years, but has been without new babies for almost two decades.

The presentation team Peter Litherland, Collection Manager, at the Welsh Mountain Zoo said:

“Cali is a lovely young pup who is displaying all of the signs that we would want and expect. She is suckling lots, actively swimming on her own and getting more and more independent by the day.

“She comes out with mum each day and is She has access to the pool 24/7 and is becoming incredibly confident and playful, She often follows any sea lion that often chasing the others as they swim past her. and has been swimming since only one week old.

She’s also becoming more vocal by the day. Her call sounds almost sheep like and is very sweet – we are all very taken with her here at the Zoo!”

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