Welsh Mountain Zoo | LOVE IS IN THE AIR!



Happy Valentine's Day!

Our animals have been celebrating Valentine’s Day this February, including our pair of Bactrian Camels Elsa and Genghis, who enjoyed a dinner date with hot cross buns and their favourite greens.

A a couple of our Red-Footed Tortoises enjoyed a romantic meal with their favourite juicy snack – heart-shaped watermelon, along with our Asian Small-Clawed Otters and California Sea Lions who also enjoyed iced heart-shaped fishy treats.

Charlotte Dykes, marking manager said: “The Welsh Mountain Zoo really is a place where the couples can find their true love and mate.

“Nearly all of our pairings and successful breedings come from matches with animals from other zoos.

“Together, we look at various criteria in our bid to make sure we find the right match for the animals themselves, with the wider aim of eventual breeding and thus boosting the species numbers, to support wider conservation efforts.

“Every day is Valentine’s Day for our many couples here – but today we can celebrate with our loved-up residents even more who help make the zoo a wonderful place to be!”

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