Welsh Mountain Zoo | Dangos yr Amserlen

Dangos yr Amserlen

Amserlen Arddangosiadau

Trafodaeth Rhywogaethau Dyddol11.30
Bwydo a Hyfforddi’r Morloi Clustiog12.00
Trafodaeth Rhywogaethau Dyddol14.30
Bwydo a Hyfforddi’r Morloi Clustiog15.00

* In response to the Avian Influenza crisis and further outbreaks across the UK, we are implementing further protection measures in accordance with extended regulations that have been put in place by the UK Government’s Animal and Plant Health Agency (Apha). As a result of this, please be aware that the Flamingo and Penguin walk-through pathways will be temporarily closed, the Penguin Parade will be temporarily suspended and the Children's Farm Barn will be temporarily closed.
We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.
- Sylwer : bydd llai o arddangosiadau rhwng diwedd mis Hydref a mis Mawrth.
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