Wildlife Inspiring Learning and Discovery – WILD at Welsh Mountain Zoo

The Welsh Mountain Zoo is part of the National Zoological Society of Wales, a non-profit making organisation. Its aim is to inform and educate people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds about wildlife and conservation.

The Zoo is set in 37 acres of woodland and beautiful gardens, overlooking the coastline and mountains of North Wales. It represents a unique learning environment to stimulate pupils and students of all ages and offers a quality education service.

The Welsh Mountain Zoo is a marvellous living resource. Nothing can replace the excitement and wonder of looking closely at a live animal.

Look at its size, its colour, its movement. Listen to it, smell it…a living lesson!

Learning about animals through close contact cannot be replaced by video or television and is hard to reproduce in the classroom.

We hope we can inspire future generations to act in a positive way to help preserve wild animals in their natural habitat.

Education Department

The Education Department is staffed by qualified educators who regularly update the WILD Programme to accommodate all ages and abilities from nursery to KS4 and college students to OAP’s.

Our popular National Curriculum linked WILD Sessions (link to WILD Sessions page) add an extra dimension to your visit, whether as a classroom based session or as a walk and talk around the Zoo. We are also happy to arrange Sessions on any subject to fit in with your needs and can include literacy, numeracy and art into most sessions.

We have a variety of downloadable Resources (link to Teachers page) for use by teachers in the classroom or at the Zoo, along with information to make sure your visit goes smoothly.

Education Team

Education Manager – Helen Shaw joined the Welsh Mountain Zoo team in 2018. Helen has completed a BSc in Zoology at John Moores University, whilst completing her degree she was able to complete an educational internship within the zoological industry. This gave Helen her first insight into the world of zoo education and encouraged her to continue on this path. Prior to working within Welsh Mountain Zoo, Helen has worked within a college as an animal care lecturer – teaching hands on practical skills and theory based lessons to mixed ability students. She has also worked within different zoo collections, within education, where she has picked up many different ways of implementing learning within a zoo environment.

Volunteers (link to Volunteers page)The Education Volunteers are mostly called upon to help with Kids Activity Days during the school holidays. They are a diverse group of people who between them have a great number of skills and areas of expertise!

Work Experience (link to Work Experience page) – From time to time, work experience students from colleges or universities will assist in the Education Department. These students are usually studying education or child care courses, or science with an interest in teaching as a career. They can be a valuable source of information on current developments in teaching practice, and assist in a variety of activities, including helping with school groups, outside visits, planning resources and trails, designing signage etc.

Education Centre Facilities

The Education Facilities have been redeveloped for 2016. The new purpose built WILD Centre includes a classroom suitable for teaching school groups up to a maximum of 30 students, or giving talks and lectures to a maximum of 50. We have also redeveloped the Media Centre, full of interactive technology using Wildlife to Inspire Learning and Discovery (WILD!)

The classroom is full of interesting and educational displays, including Biofacts from a variety of species, as well as fossils!

The department also has its own collection of living animals which are used in the teaching sessions to bring the topics to life!

Meet the Animals!

The following animals are available for use in Learning Sessions and Outreach Visits to enhance the educational experience.
Guinea Pig
Corn Snake
Leopard Gecko
Stick Insects
Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches
Giant African Land Snails

These animals are housed separately to the main Zoo collection to allow them to be handled on a daily basis. The Team assess each animal’s suitability for a session on the day, so we cannot guarantee which animal will be used for sessions.
Please contact the Education Officer if you have any concerns about the Animals used, including allergies and phobias.