Look out the Lemurs are about

The walk-through lemur enclosure – the first of its kind in North Wales, will provide opportunities to get within metres of these rare and charming creatures. When the walk-through enclosure is not open they may also be visible from the viewing points outside of the enclosure or at any time through the windows into their house. The enclosure is home to a group of two species of lemurs – red-fronted lemurs and ring-tailed lemurs. The two red-fronted lemurs – arrived from Edinburgh Zoo and quickly settled into their new home along with a group of 8 ring-tailed lemurs who arrived from Belfast Zoo.

Walk-Through Opening Times

1st April or Good Friday (whichever is earliest) – Daily11am to 4pm

3rd Weekend in September – Daily11am to 3pm

1st Weekend in November – Weekends11am to 3pm

To link in with the Lemur development the Zoo have also decided to support a field conservation project in the Mangabe Forest region of Madagascar called ‘Madagasikara Voakajy’ which is dedicated to the conservation of native vertebrates and their habitats in Madagascar. This conservation fundraising project will also be match-funded with funds from the charity ‘Size of Wales’. This environmental charity aims to protect an area of tropical rainforest equal to the size of Wales and as the Zoo’s chosen area of Madagascar is eligible for their support, they have pledged to match any donations made from the zoo’s fundraising activities.