Cotton-Top Tamarin Twin Joy!


Cotton-Top Tamarin Twin Joy!

We are so pleased to announce the birth of two critically endangered Cotton-Top Tamarins here at the Welsh Mountain Zoo!

The twins have yet to be sexed but are doing well and are and beginning to explore their new home under the watchful eyes of Mum and Dad.

Weighing only 20 grams and measuring 5cm from head to tail at birth, the twins are already growing at a rapid pace. They will eventually grow to 18cm in length and will weigh 400g when fully grown.

We now have seven Cotton Top Tamarins under our care and we hope to continue to collaborate with other zoos who will potentially provide a home for the Tamarins in later years, in support of the wider conservation effort through breeding.

Charlotte Dykes, Marketing Manager commented: “The arrival of the twins at Christmas is cause to celebrate here at the zoo. Cotton Top Tamarins are amongst the world’s most endangered species and new births will help us ensure their continued survival. The babies are now venturing outside, within their enclosures, and are becoming more adventurous and inquisitive, which are behaviours we like to see at this stage.”

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