The Welsh Mountain Zoo – National Zoo of Wales, has announced the arrival of adorable twin red panda cubs.

Born to mum, Nuri, and dad, Ming Ming, the two cubs are still to be sexed and are staying in their nest box whilst so tiny, at only a few weeks old.

The Zoo has a proud and strong history in the breeding of red pandas, which are listed as endangered in the wild, the birth of these cubs marks the 5th successful pregnancy for the pair.

Kim Wood, Director of Living Collections at the Welsh Mountain Zoo commented: “These delightful twins arrived in July and have been hidden away in the nest box with mum, who has been doing an amazing job of rearing them. The keepers have been keeping a close eye on the pair during these early days, and are pleased to report the cubs are developing well.

They are incredibly cute and we expect to see them taking their first cautions steps out of their nest box in the coming weeks, as they start to become more active.

The Welsh Mountain Zoo is part of a network of European Zoo’s who collaborate to safeguard the captive population of red pandas. The Welsh Mountain Zoo has had much success in breeding red pandas, playing an important role in helping protect the future of this rare species.

Kim continued: “We’re incredibly proud of our history in breeding red pandas, this time welcoming our 6th and 7th cubs. We work closely with other Zoo’s and organisations both nationally and throughout Europe to support the vital breeding programme of this wonderful species.”

Red pandas are native to the steep forested slopes of the Himalayas. A unique species, the red pandas have no relationship to their namesake and are more closely related to racoons, skunks and weasels. Conservation experts have listed them as endangered in the wild, as they are threatened by poaching and shrinking habitat.

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