As we see temperatures soar, our residents are enjoying lots of special treats to help keep them cool!

As temperatures rise, we have introduced a number of ways to make sure animals are comfortable in the heat, considering specific needs, natural habitats, feeding habits and much more.

The sea lions are munching on frozen fish ice lollies, as well as other animals such as the otters and tigers, who also have their own ice-based treats to keep them cool.

The bears and penguins are also enjoying a dip in their pools and sprinklers have been put out in many enclosures.

Additional shade is also being introduced for the animals during this spell of warm weather.

Peter Litherland of the Welsh Mountain Zoo said:

“It’s not summer without a bit of warm weather, which we look forward to - including our animals. However, it’s really important that they stay cool in the heat."

He added:

“Food prepared in frozen water works particularly well and we also have sprinklers in several of the enclosures spraying cool water throughout the day.”

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