We have welcomed a very special new resident, a female red panda cub named Asha!

Sexed only this week, Asha is the tenth red panda cub born to experienced mum, Nuri, but the first for new Dad, Hop.

Red pandas are listed as endangered species by the IUCN, and according to the Red Panda Network, their numbers are believed to be less than 2,500 in the wild.

Tom Lawrence, Assistant Head Keeper said: “To say we're all very taken with Asha is an understatement - she is adorable and I’m pleased to say is doing really well.”

“Red pandas are cautious creatures and so Asha is expected to stay in the nest box until almost fully grown. At the moment, she’s staying very close to mum, who is doing a fantastic job and of protecting and caring for her growing cub.”

Tom added:

“Red Pandas face many challenges in the wild and so conservation and breeding programmes such as these are essential to ensure the species survives. Further to this, the Zoo is a proud supporter of the Red Panda Network, and their vital in-situ conservation and community engagement work.”

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