Four grey seal pups have been released back into the wild, after months of rehabilitation, by our staff here at the Welsh Mountain Zoo.

Affectionately named by keepers after board games; Cluedo, Monopoly, Risk and Frogger were all found along the North Wales coastline.

These pups were less than a month old, in poor health, and had all been separated from their mothers.

All four were considerably underweight, and were initially taken into care by the RSPCA.

Peter Litherland, Animal Collections Manager at the Welsh Mountain Zoo, said the charity put in "a lot of hard work."

"They feed them on a milk substitute, and to do that you need two or three people, it's quite difficult.

"They do all of the hard work for us which we're very grateful for, and then they come to us when they're eating whole fish."

Since being with us here at the Welsh Mountain Zoo, these pups have been eating up to 7kgs of fish a day.

Now at a healthy weight of around 40kgs it’s time for them to be sent on their way.

Our expert keepers carefully transported the pups to the beach at Penrhyn Bay, and encouraged them to begin their first solo swim since being rescued!

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