As the extreme weather sees temperatures soar across North Wales and the rest of the UK, our animals are enjoying extra special measures to help keep them cool.

As temperatures top 30 degrees, we have introduced a number of ways to make sure animals are comfortable in the heat, considering specific needs, natural habitats, feeding habits and much more.

The snow leopards with their thick fur are of course affected by the heat and to ensure they stay hydrated; keepers freeze their food inside chunks of ice for the animals to gnaw on.

Other animals such as the chimps also have their own ice lolly versions which are frozen and packed with loads of fruit, whilst the sea lions are munching on frozen fish. The sprinklers are also out in many enclosures and additional shade is being introduced around the grounds.

Peter Litherland of the Welsh Mountain Zoo said:

“We all welcome the warm weather and most of our animals do too, however, it’s really important that they stay cool and we have to find ways to makes sure that this happens. The food in frozen water works particularly well and we also have sprinklers in several of the enclosures spraying cool water throughout the day.”
With this continuing burst of warm weather upon us, the ice and sprinklers are back out again.

Peter added:

“It’s great to see our visitors enjoying their lollies in the heat with our chimps enjoying their very own versions!”

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