The Welsh Mountain Zoo - National Zoo of Wales - continues to secure glowing feedback from the official bodies under which it operates, once again taking part in a successful government reinspection alongside a Visit Wales Quality Assurance Service (VAQAS) Assessment.

The Zoo inspection is carried out once every three years during which time, a team of experienced inspectors, carry a the full day visit.

Considering all aspects of public safety, animal welfare, and the Zoo’s performance in conservation and education, the visit saw the group travel throughout the site, visiting all enclosures and public facilities.

Upon completion, the inspectors produced a report which included the following statement: “The Zoo has a comprehensive mission statement and sets a high standard in terms of presentation of species, ambience of the collection and the welfare of the animals kept. The scale of conservation, and research work achieved is commendable for an organisation of this size. The Zoo well deserves its position as the National Zoo of Wales.”

Nick Jackson, CEO at the Welsh Mountain Zoo commented: “Once again, we’re really pleased to have successfully passed the government inspection, receiving positive feedback from the team. We work incredibly hard throughout the year to ensure we sustain our high standards in terms of animal welfare, conservation, safety and security, and much more. It is both rewarding and satisfying to see the efforts and commitment of the Zoo management and staff recognised by an external agency, which in this case comprises a group of highly experienced experts.”

The Zoo simultaneously took part in a Visit Wales VAQAS survey which focuses on an attraction’s commitment to quality, giving potential customers a label that they can trust. The Zoo received a higher than average 72% success rate and where praised by the organisation for its new website, staff friendliness, excellent new toilet block, displays and presentations, unique setting and scenery, neat gardens and outdoor areas.

Jen Jesse, Director of Administrations and Operations added: “Visit Wales is an integral leading body for tourism and we're pleased to have performed so well against their strict criteria, generating praise for specific areas and initiatives across the Zoo.”

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