Our Latest Arrival

We haves welcomed our latest edition, a baby red necked wallaby, who we have named Rodney.

Mum and Dad, Chandler and William, are currently the only two red necked wallabies at the Zoo and this is their first joey together.

Mum and baby are now spending time outside with Rodney keen to check out his new surroundings.

Collection Manager, Peter Litherland explains how Chandler and her joey will stay together for next few months: “On average, joeys will remain in their mothers pouch for around 280 days. They will start to pop out of the pouch for longer periods during that time, as they grow in confidence and become bigger and stronger.

“They’re both doing really well and are behaving in a way that we’d expect, developing and growing nicely. Rodney is a real cutie and Chandler is a very attentive and loving mum.”

The red-necked wallaby is a medium-sized marsupial wallaby, common in the more fertile parts of eastern Australia, including Tasmania. They are distinguished by their black nose and paws, white stripe on the upper lip, and grizzled medium grey coat with a reddish wash across the shoulders. They can weigh 13.8 to 18.6 kilograms (30 to 41 lb) and generally grow to around 90 centimetres (35 in), although males are generally bigger than females.


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