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Chilean Flamingo

Phoenicopterus chilensis

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The Chilean Flamingo has a light pink plumage, and stands at an average three and half feet tall. Flamingos feed with their head upside down with their beaks tipped – they have an inherent comb-like filter system in their beak that allows them to catch the microorganisms that make up an important part of their diet.

Native Range →

Central Peru, Boliva, Chile and Argentina

Natural Habitat  →

Mudflats, estuaries, lagoons and salt lakes

Diet  →

Aquatic insects, molluscs and algae

Life Expectancy  →

40-50 years in the wild. Up to 50 years in zoos

Breeding  →

1 egg after 26-32 days of incubation

Group Name  →


Active Hours  →

During the day

Threats  →

Loss of habitat, hunting, egg collecting

Fun fact

The word ‘flamingo’ comes from the Latin and Spanish word for ‘flame coloured’ referring of course to their bright pink feathers.

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